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Megan Andrews

Akashic Records Practitioner and Soul Healer, Tarot and Oracle Reader, Earth Witch, Energy Worker, Drumming and Sound Healer, Red Woman Priestess, Spiritual Life Coach

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My Story

I have helped clients all over the country, in all stages of their awakening journey, with all manners of healings, clearings, and guidance. Whether we are working on the metal body, Emotional Body, Physical Body, or Spirit Body My heart sings with joy as I help each person become their highest and truest self.


I started my awakening so long ago that it’s hard to pin down the moment it started, but I LOVE where it has brought me. I had so many talented and supportive healers that used all manner of modalities to help me get aligned with my highest self so that I could finally rise up and embrace my soul purpose. I spent the last ten years training and initiating with Shamen, Native American Medicine Men, Priestesses, Mediums, and Witches. I also attended classes and workshops in Crystals, Chakras, Awakening, Aura Readings, Hypnotism, Sacred Drum Making, Chanting, Breathwork, Body Movement, Kundalni Yoga, Soul Connecting, Cacao Ceremony, Moon Ceremonies, and so many more. Each class has expanded my knowledge of the many tools to help us heal, ascend, and become Master Creators of our lives.


Let me help you get connected to your highest self, path, and purpose. Start living your best life.

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